About F1 Betting

Formula One is one of the most exciting sporting events on the planet and its unpredictability, high speeds and fierce competition make it a favourite with spectators and betting fans alike. In Australia there are a huge number of F1 fans and betting on this sport is a very enticing pastime that is enjoyed by many. This website was created to offer Australians a one-stop online informational resource that would not only help you find the best bookmakers for F1 betting, but that will also teach you everything you need to know about wagering over the course of the season.

We’ve brought together a team of Aussies who are passionate about punting on F1 and have been enjoying the sport for many years. Our team not only knows everything there is to know about racing , drivers and the constructors, they are also well versed in what makes a bookmaker one of the best and what to look for when betting online. We use our expertise to assist other F1 fans who want to punt on this exhilarating sport, and we’re here to make sure you get the most out of every race or Championship wagered on.

Understanding F1 Betting

If you are new to F1 betting it’s actually quite simple, and our betting guide will help you understand the types of bets on offer and the different wagering opportunities. You can choose to make as simple or as complex bets as you like, and as you become more experienced you’ll become more confident in your wagering abilities.

The Formula One season comprises currently of 20 races with 24 drivers representing 12 different teams. The season usually kicks off with the Australian Grand Prix held in the streets of Melbourne, and this makes it even more exciting for local F1 fans as they can wager on a brand new racing year. Running from March to November, the season is also suitably long enough to offer plenty of captivating bets and in addition to the actual races there are also qualifying heats that can be just as immersive and rewarding to wager on.

At the end of the season the driver with the most points is awarded the Formula One World Drivers’ Championship and the team that’s scored the highest collects the Formula One World Constructors Championship title. If there is a tie and the season has been incredibly close then the team or driver with the higher number of race results is victorious. Often the season can be neck and neck and it can come down to the last race, making it incredibly exciting for punters who are betting on the races or the overall season.

Finding the Best F1 Betting Sites

When we pick the best bookmakers for Australians we make sure that every angle of the season is covered and that wagering opportunities are readily available on all markets. The bookmakers we recommend have all been carefully vetted by our team of experts and we take the time to test out a betting site to make sure that it delivers in every way. From the most generous free bets and bonuses to the standard of safety and support staying consistent, we make sure your F1 betting experience is always at its premium.

You can trust us with your F1 betting and can rest assured that the sites we suggest are all world-class, reliable and trustworthy. If you’d like to contact us we’re always happy to hear from fellow F1 punting fans, so feel free to drop us an email with any questions, queries or feedback you may have.