Online F1 Futures Betting

For fans of the ever-popular Formula One races, futures bets are a great option. You are keeping a close eye on the races anyway, so why not make some money while you’re at it? The odds for the Formula One races are constantly changing, and signing up to one of the great Australian sportsbooks available right here on this website will ensure that you are kept up to date about all of the changes as they happen.

Futures bets are usually offered very soon after the previous Formula One season has come to an end, and while some Australian bookmakers will close these bets when the season gets started, others will not, keeping them open well into the racing period.

Winning futures bets will not pay out until the Formula One season has drawn to a close, and can add a very interesting edge to the racing you love to watch. The two main futures bets options for Australian punters are the Driver’s Championship betting and the Constructor’s Championship betting.

In order to make this bet you will need to place your wager on which driver will finish in the first place position for the Driver’s Championship at the end of the year. Drivers will score points according to how they finish in each of their races as the season unfolds, and, with the points adding up throughout the year, the winner will be the driver who finishes with the most.

This is the second option for Australian punters interested in laying futures bets, and, once again, points are awarded to constructors based on where their car ends up placing at the end of each of the races. The winning constructor is determined in the same manner as the Driver’s Championship victor.

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How to Win Futures Bets

Winning these types of wagers calls for the same strategy that works for all types of bets, and proper research will have you quickly seeing good returns. There are four main factors that go into boosting your Formula One betting payouts.

The first step is to analyse the qualifying sessions. Usually taking place the Saturday before the Grand Prix, the results of these races are a good indicator of how drivers will do in the races the following day.

Remember to follow the form. Good previous performances foster good future ones, and factor any upsets into your wagers.

Interview insights can also be a great tool as well, providing information on the pre-race strategies and potential obstacles for drivers and helping you avoid mistakenly supporting the wrong team.

Track performance and weather conditions can also very seriously affect how drivers perform during the races, and some cars are more suited to certain types of weather than others. Place your bets on drivers who have proven their ability to handle the predicted weather factors, and cars that step up when the climate interferes.

Start F1 Furtures Betting Now

Add an edge to an already fascinating sport when you start futures betting with the Formula One races. Browse the selected Australian bookmakers featured on this website and enjoy magnificent returns on your wagers. You will be able to access great odds, fabulous bonuses and other inside information that can only deepen your appreciation of this great racing spectacle.