Formula 1 racing is, without a doubt, one of the well-supported competitive sports in the world. With stars like Kimi Raikkonen and Nico Rosberg earning quite a pretty penny through successful, global endorsement deals, the fact that this spectator sport is so well-liked certainly comes as no surprise. The popularity has grown considerably in recent years, with millions of fans all over the world now using mobile betting as their primary form of showing support to all their favourite drivers and teams. This is especially true in Australia, where iPhone betting has become one of the most popular forms of almost instant gratification entertainment.

Mobile Formula One Betting

Did you know that it takes over 80 000 components to make a Formula 1 racing car? And that the average F1 vehicle weighs approximately 550 kilograms? And were you aware of the fact that each tyre loses approximately 500 grams after every race due to wear and tear? There are so many fascinating aspects of the art of Formula 1. This is one of the main reasons that people all over Australia, as well as the rest of the world, feel such a strong sense of support towards the races.

There is an unspoken kind of respect that comes attached to each and every vehicle on the race track. Now that iPhone betting is one of the most popular forms of mobile betting, the combination of the technological advancement that have brought betting to this point combined with the respect that so many people have for F1, have made this a truly special pastime.

Bookies for F1 iPhone Bets

Something that has become increasingly prevalent within Australia in particular is the fact that people are competitive by nature. Now that betting on your favourite Formula 1 racer is a possibility, and it’s all available from your iPhone, there is no reason not to give it a go. And if you play your cards right, and consider the odds correctly, there is ample opportunity to win big. Punters in Australia are enjoying these possibilities more and more, with a marked interest in mobile Formula 1 betting becoming more and more evident. Over and above all of this, this is, of course, a fun, exciting and remarkably convenient way to have fun and show your support for all of your favourite drivers

Best F1 iPhone Betting Sites

All in all, the convenience that comes with iPhone betting is one that cannot be ignored. There is no need for any punters to stand in any long, painful queues or for them to even have to leave their homes. Wherever they are, no matter what they are doing, punters can place their bets on all of their favourite drivers if and when they please. It’s this kind of unbridled convenience, coupled with the absolute excitement that comes attached to this spectator sport that make it a fun, exciting experience that is only sure to grow in popularity for many years to come.

Select one of the top rated Australian F1 betting sites that we recommend and that offer iPhone betting and enjoy this exhilarating sport even more when you wager on it.