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The Formula One World Driver’s Championship, or WDC, is bestowed by the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile, or FIA, to the best F1 racing car driver over the course of a season, and this winner is decided by means of a points system that is based on the results of the Grand Prix. The award was first given in in 1950, and has been known to be awarded more than once to the same driver.

A Formula One driver becomes the Champion at the point during the season when, no matter what, it is no longer possible for any other driver to beat him, no matter how the races to come unfold. During the 64 seasons in which it has been awarded, the final race determined the outcome 27 times. The earliest on that the Driver’s Championship has been finalised was in 2002, when Michael Schumacher managed to secure it with six races undecided.

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If you are a Formula One betting fan, you are going to be watching each race as it unfolds anyway, from the day before they begin in earnest, with the qualifying races that precede the main event. Why not put your viewing to good use, and use that time to start gathering the information you need to make successful Driver’s Championship bets? A little strategy, combined with your in-depth knowledge of this great sport and your gut feelings about certain drivers can result in you collecting significant payouts on your Driver’s Championship bets when the season draws to a close.

Driver’s Championship bets require Australian punters to hazard a guess as to which driver will accumulate the most points during the Formula One season and so end up taking the title. Points are awarded to drivers according to how they finish each race during the season, with the end total determining the win.

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Bet on F1 Driver’s Championship

Approach making Driver’s Championship bets as you would any other type of bet, and remember that the more prepared you are, the more likely you are to place a winning wager and collect your payout when the season draws to a close.

Take careful note of the results of the qualifying sessions, as, for a variety of reasons, these have the biggest impact, and are the best indicator, for how the season is going to play out. Try to find out why drivers are doing well or poorly, and consider the possible impact of these factors further on in the season.

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